How can Business Analytics revolutionize companies to become more efficient?


We’re pleased to announce our collaboration with ESTIEM LG Porto to present "Vision Robotic Process Automation", an event taking place in Porto that brings Industrial Engineering and Management Students from all over Europe.


This seminar aims to allow a group of IEM European Students to participate in a varied schedule of lectures, workshops and case studies, to give them a practical insight in and out-of-the-box topics, bridging the gap between theory and industry.


Between 22ndand 29thof April, students, professors and specialized companies are face-to-face to discuss the future of smart factories and how can Robotic Process Automation and Business Analytics revolutionize companies to become more efficient.



And being Business Analytics one of the challenges on the agenda, who’s better than Teresa Bianchi de Aguiar, José Queiroga and Paulo Sousa to show how we use BA to gain insights that allow our clients to achieve significant and sustainable improvements in their performance?


So, our team members are on the field to present our work and to help these students leveraging their knowledge and connecting the dots for their career improvement!