Energy & Utilities

Employing advanced analytics to prosper in an era of volatility.


Capitalizing on the client data explosion for value-driven growth.

Retail & E-Commerce

Retail decision making: shifting the approach from art to science.

Transport & Logistics

The last mile challenge: reaching customers with unrivalled efficiency.

Consumer Products

Excelling with a smarter portfolio and a faster response to customer needs.

Process Industries & Manufacturing

Boosting resource productivity to thrive in the global arena.



"This Decision Support System is being used to evaluate different logistic scenarios and to help in preparing the annual budget of the department that I am running. The attained benefits are evident by the easiness of simulation of multiple logistic scenarios and by the time saved in preparing the annual budget. Moreover, this decision support system has an underlying optimization model that retrieves solutions that were hard to grasp with the previous empirical methods.”

Director of Logistics Department


“The [inventory management] solution implemented in our company's system is daily used by the purchasing team: for issuing orders to the suppliers and for transshipping products between our five warehouses. The results were excellent! The inventory to sales ratio is reducing, keeping the usual service level."

Management Advisor - MEDLOG