Our client, a Transports & Logistics company intended to restructure its marketing department and the main objective presented was to increase the corporation’s competitive status regarding the offer of services to its customers.

However, there were no data analysis processes available to identify trends and patterns about customers’ preferences. Moreover, as previous processes were not structured, it was not possible to stablish a baseline, which would allow to quickly analyze the improvement in decision making.


In order to build analytical capabilities and to capture greater value from each customer, the solution process approach was divided into three axis: Processes, Analytics and Governance.

First of all, the customer management process was revised and a detailed analysis of profitability was laboured. Using data mining techniques, we proceeded to micro-segment the clients. Simultaneously, the whole department’s responsibilities were redefined, as the stakeholders were aligned to meet the organization’s business goals.


The new marketing structure resulted in additional visibility over customers’ preferences and the commercial strategy is more aligned with the customers’ needs.

Now supported by the developed analytical capabilities, decision making regarding promotional planning and services resulted in a 35% rise in the number of orders per marketing campaign.